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Which stress-busting remedy got our vote?

At the start of the year, the OrthoSole team committed to trying out a range of stress relief methods. The aim of the experiment was to see if incorporating just one new habit into their daily routine could have a noticeable effect on their physical and mental wellbeing – and help them better combat the symptoms of stress. 

Here’s how each member of staff got on! 

Ronnie – Exercise is good for the mind, body and soul.

Let’s start with Ronnie, our CEO, who embarked on a more intensive exercise programme throughout the last few weeks, armed with a pair of his super-supportive OrthoSole insoles. 

“I’m a self-confessed gym junkie,” he said, “so I found upping my exercise routine relatively easy. I did enjoy spending more of my weeknights and weekends focusing on my fitness – having more chances to work towards my goals has definitely given me a more positive state of mind.” 

Ronnie added:

“I’m always looking to invest in trusted, high-end products that help advance my enjoyment of exercise. My personal experience throughout the last 15 years is that wearing OrthoSole insoles gives me the support required to help maintain my current fitness levels, as well as drive forward towards new targets. These insoles have given me great energy and a stable base, which is particularly important for weight training. 

“Crucially, I feel good inside the gym, which means I feel even better outside the gym.” 

Lorraine – Caffeine’s not necessarily needed!

Lorraine, our Chief Operating Officer, was renowned for downing up to 10 cups of tea per day – so she consciously reduced her caffeine intake to see if this had a positive effect on her wellbeing. 

Lorraine had this to say about the experience: 

“In the first week, I suffered some withdrawal headaches. But apart from that, I found the switch to alternative hot drinks quite easy. I was overloaded with choice and enjoyed trying out a range of different flavours – I particularly liked nettle tea, which I’m told offers lots of health benefits. There are plenty of mix box selections available, so if, like me, you weren’t sure which fruit tea to try, these are a great starting point. 

“By week two, my taste buds had changed. I wasn’t hankering for tea like I used to. I remember trying a couple of sips of a latte at one point and having no desire to finish the rest of the drink. 

“Since ditching caffeine, I’ve been sleeping better, I feel like I have more energy, and I don’t crave sweet snacks in the mid-afternoon like I used to. I’ve also lost a little weight, which I think is down to not having sugar in my tea! All of these factors combined have left me feeling calmer and more able to cope with whatever the day throws at me.” 

Simone – Yoga can be flexible

Our Business Support Administrator Simone was keen to try yoga as a means of stress relief but didn’t want to travel to classes after a long day in the office. Over the course of a month, she followed The Remote Yogi program at home – with excellent results.

“As someone who was completely new to yoga, I did struggle with some of the poses at first – especially the yogi squat, which relies on a sense of balance that I just don’t have! But stretching my muscles to the limit felt good, and the controlled breathing aspect really helped me relax. I came away from each session feeling calmer and more grounded. 

“I found it was sometimes a struggle to start a session when I was tired. But turning the practice into a family activity really helped; it motivated me to keep going. The more I did it, the more interested the people in my house became – and it proved to be a lovely bonding experience for all of us.” 

Mike – Music keeps us focused

Mike, our Head of Sales, is the kind of guy who doesn’t just sing in the car – he performs! He was excited to make listening to music a priority while he was out on the road and in between appointments. 

He said:

“As OrthoSole’s dedicated sales representative, I cover the United Kingdom and North and South of Ireland, which means I do a lot of travelling each week. The modes of transport can vary – sometimes I’ll be driving long distances, while other times I’ll be hopping on planes, trains and buses to get to where I need to be. Having an attentive mindset during these journeys ensures I’m on top form when I eventually meet the client, and listening to my favourite music during these transition periods helped to keep me in a balanced state of focus and relaxation. Faster music kept me pumped while I was commuting, and listening to my favourite tunes helped to release tension. 

“I listened to slower tempo music when I was trying to switch off. Acoustic tracks certainly helped to quieten my mind and relax my muscles. I also tried nature sounds, but birds singing and waves lapping the shore didn’t really have much of an effect on me. Everyone’s different, though, and it’s always worth a try!”

Alison – Essential oils are powerful stress-busting tools

Alison, our Customer Service Support Manager, has been a keen advocate of alternative therapies for a number of years – so she tested the stress-busting effects of a range of essential oils, which were released into her home and office environments using an affordable Bluzen oil diffuser. Here’s her results: 

“I’ve been using a relaxing oil every night at home, and the results have been fantastic. The whole family has been sleeping brilliantly and feeling so much more relaxed – even our dog! This mix is a blend of geranium, palmerose, spearmint and peppermint, if any of our readers want to give it a go. 

“I’ve also been trying out an energising oil, which contains lemon, lime, pine and spearmint. I quickly found that I needed to go easy on the drops – it’s a strong blend! – but I feel it has helped me stay motivated to stick my new healthy eating and exercise plan. 

Our verdict

Everybody within the team saw positive results from their chosen method of stress relief, which is great news. This experiment has encouraged us to focus on improving our wellbeing by sharing tips, talking about our experiences and encouraging each other to stick to our new approaches. We’ll certainly continue to incorporate these stress-busting activities into our routines. 

Why not give some of these ideas a go, and let us know how you get on? 


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We use cookies to help improve our services, make personal offers, and enhance your experience. If you do not accept these optional cookies your experience may be affected. If you want to know more, please read the Cookies Policy.