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At OrthoSole, we understand the benefits of rationalising footwear that's utilised within your business as well as standardising across all of your business units (sites). All this is key while being mindful of the importance to keep your employees Safe and Healthy.

OrthoSole is committed to working direct with your current footwear supplier and all the internal departments (Key Stakeholders) withing your company.

OrthoSole takes pride in its innovative invention it has brought to the market which enables you to purpose our insole and a cost effective footwear range without the fear of rejection through medical or social complaints, bringing with it standardisation across sites and compliance to the project.

We understand footwear is very emotive and compliance can easily be achieved with the OrthoSole solution.

Comfort is a large factor for workers across all industries, many of which are standing for long periods within their role.

Work footwear is the one vital piece of kit worn the most throughout the employee's week.

When footwear becomes price sensitive the main areas which are reduced to ensure cost reduction are the foot-bed and support within the footwear. OrthoSole enables you to buy a cost effective footwear range but introduce the OrthoSole inside and increase comfort and major benefits to the individual.

Finally, OrthoSole will assist you in employee enagagement and absenteeism, increasing production!


Do you want to know how OrthoSole works?

Check out how in our latest video with the President of OrthoSole UK, Ronnie Irani.

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