How can OrthoSole help me?

OrthoSoles provide you with a custom fitting support system to optimize your insole’s support and cushion, specifically for your feet. This can result in improvement in all the following areas:

  • Foot Fatigue - Swelling, Achiness, Cramping and Pain. The OrthoSole design of support and comfort will help with foot fatigue
  • Knee Pain – Improved foot positioning will improve knee alignment and reduce knee pain.
  • Back Pain – The combination of OrthoSole’s adjustable support system and cushioning materials work together to evenly distribute body weight and reduce stress and shock to the lower back.
  • Foot Pain – Pain and pressure under the metatarsal bones (mid-foot) will be reduced by thesupport of the metatarsal pads.
  • Ankle Pain – Improved foot position will improve ankle alignment, which reduces ankle pain.
  • Heel Pain – OrthoSole’s triple-layer of heel cushioning helps to protect the heel, reducing heel stress and pain.
  • Plantar Fasciitis/Policeman’s Heel – The arch pad will improve support to the arch of the foot for a better foothold, resulting in a reduction of plantar fasciitis and arch pain. The firmest/comfortable arch piece is recommended.
  • Hip Pain – The improved foot position will improve hip alignment, which reduces hip pain.
  • Shin Splints – By aligning your foot into its optimal position and providing improved cushioning, OrthoSole reduces the excessive traction forces that cause pain and inflammation in the shin area. Take a break from heavy activity if you have shin splints and start again with OrthoSole to see the difference.
  • Overpronation – The arch pad will increase support to the arch of the foot, improving foot stability.
  • Supination – The Heel Chassis will help support this is as the foot rolls out during the gait cycle.
  • Circulation Issues in Feet – The improved pressure distribution will increase blood circulation in the foot.


FAQs for Orthosole

What kind of footwear can I wear with my OrthoSole Insoles?

Any shoes that allow your OrthoSole insoles to fit snug in the shoe, leave sufficient room for your toes to move, and fit comfortably when worn in the shoe.

Can I wear my OrthoSole insoles in my shoes when the manufacturer’s insole does not come out?

Yes, you can as long as your OrthoSole insoles fit snug in the shoe, leave your toes with sufficient room to move, and fit comfortably when worn in the shoe.

How do I clean my OrthoSole insoles?

Hand-wash the top layer with mild soap and lukewarm water. Air dry. Do not machine wash. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

What do I do with the spare support pads?

You can save them in your OrthoSole storage bag should you need to adjust the level of support later on.

Do I need to trim my new OrthoSole insoles?

No, OrthoSole insoles come in a full range of sizes that do not require trimming.

Can I adjust my insoles for different activities?

Yes, you can customize your insoles to fi nd the most comfortable fi t for different activities.

How many times can I customize my OrthoSole insoles?

You can try different support combinations as many times as you need.

How long will my OrthoSole insoles last?

On average your OrthoSole insoles should last approximately 12 months. It will depend on the type of activity you practice, your body weight, type of shoe and the environment they are used. We recommend replacing your insoles every 12 months or when you purchase new shoes.

Can I wear OrthoSole insoles if I have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, poor circulation, lack of sensation in your feet, or unusually shaped or deformed feet, consult your health care professional before using this product to ensure appropriate treatment and care. If you feel pain when wearing OrthoSole insoles, discontinue use and consult with your physician and/or podiatrist.


Do you want to know how OrthoSole works?

Check out how in our latest video with the President of OrthoSole UK, Ronnie Irani.

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