The OrthoSole Story

Any sports person will tell you staying fit and keeping in good shape is paramount, and finding what works for you is a top priority. Since 1993 Co-Founder/Inventor Ronnie Irani had custom build orthotics and felt a huge difference in not only his sport but also day to day life. Ronnie when still playing professional cricket for Essex and England travelled to Germany to see top podiatrist and 7thgeneration orthopaedic shoemaker Martin Trautmann. He encouraged others to go and see for themselves the benefits that good orthotics can make to almost anyone. As Ronnie and Martin became friends, Ronnie shared his idea of an orthotic insole that could be used universally to help as many people as possible for a fraction of the cost of a custom orthotic. Martin was quick to reply with “I have the solution”. Martin, being extremely busy with his own practice and a long list of clients, couldn’t invest the time that such a big project like this asked for.

Therefore the two of them liaised with what Ronnie believed to be the best biomechanics team in the world at that time in Portland, Oregon developing OrthoSole.

During this design and development period OrthoSole became a registered TradeMark and the technology was registered for a Global Patent. Patents have been confirmed in the following countries Austria, China, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom (Great Britain), United States of America. There are patents pending globally, this process has taken well over 6 years and has ensured that we can make sure the quality of any insoles on the market with our patent technology is the best it can be and does make a difference to peoples feet and lives.

Once the technology and design were complete we searched all over the globe for the best possible materials to use for the OrthoSole and are happy to say that Poron ® Performance Cushioning is found in most OrthoSole products. After this Martin, Ronnie and the Biomechanics team spent over a year constantly testing and editing the product until they were happy for its release into the market place.

OrthoSole started with a soft introduction to sports goods stores and physiotherapists due to the products need for ‘real world’ evaluation to help make it the best it possibly could be. Due to the feedback from the first year of sales there was an introduction and development of the ¾ length OrthoSole and Thin Style OrthoSole. These were brought to the market for tighter fitting shoes.

After many rounds of evaluating OrthoSole, Ronnie and the UK sales team finally approached some of the serious players in Sport and Health but have not taken their eye off what an important part the Independents play. You can now find OrthoSole associated with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world.

“If your feet are good, Life is good.”


Do you want to know how OrthoSole works?

Check out how in our latest video with the President of OrthoSole UK, Ronnie Irani.

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