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Arnica Extra (Profelan®)

Welcome to the home of Arnica Extra (known as Profelan® in Germany), an innovative massage cream created by Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt, team doctor for FC Bayern Munich and the German National Football team.

Arnica Extra contains 20% Arnica tincture combined with vitamins A, C and E, zinc oxide, antioxidants and peppermint to provide soothing and effective relief from the effects of a busy day, sporting injuries and accidents such as bruises, sprains, pulled ligaments or muscles, contusions and bumps.

The action of Arnica Extra cream depends on the effective ingredients of arnica tincture, which are enabled to deploy their full effect through the special ointment base.

Arnica Extra is available in 100gm tubes.

Arnica Extra is the 'must have' item for every sports bag and first aid kit.
Arnica Extra is sold in 100gm tubes at £11.71 per tube inc. VAT.


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Check out how in our latest video with the President of OrthoSole UK, Ronnie Irani.

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