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Ronnie Irani


Ronnie Irani is the co-inventor and is a key player in the design and marketing of orthosole. Ronnie, a former professional Cricket player (retired), best known for his captaincy of the Essex County Cricket Club and on the England National Team. He experienced various hip, knee, and foot injuries resulting in multiple surgeries. He believed in a superior shoe insole that helped him throughout his career.






Lorraine Irani


Lorraine brings insightful sales experience from her years working in various aspects of the sporting goods industry. She is a hands-on director who is always on the go. She is keeping OrthoSole moving by making sure our sales stay high and our finances stay solid. In her spare time she loves to go outdoors and is involved in Girl Guiding.


Martin Trautmann

Technical Director

At the cornerstone of our products technical design is Technical Director Martin Trautmann, who comes from seven generations of Orthopaedic shoemaking in Germany. He lends his extensive experience making custom Orthotics for elite athletes—professional soccer players, tennis players, golfers, Formula 1 drivers, Olympic sprinters, marathon runners and others—and currently runs acclaimed practices in Munich and Berlin. Martin was the winner of the "Berke Mann Prize" in 1992. And was one of the first to work with CAD-CAM inlays production in Germany. He has also been a member of the "INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PROSTHETICS AND ORTHOTICS" ISPO since 1985




Regina Trautmann


Regina is a seventh generation orthopaedic shoemaker, her father Eugene Fehrenbach won several awards for best performance in orthopedic shoemaker crafts. In 1986 she took orthopedic shoe technician tests and became the first female graduate who was first chamber, first state and first national champion. Regina also works with the "foot and gait analysis Trautmann" technology in Munich and has expertise in foot and gait analysis. Regina aids Martin in the technical development of all OrthoSole products.



Patricia Chapman

Dispatch Manager 

Pat is the driving force and the woman behind the pallet. Almost every OrthoSole we sell has been overseen by our dispatch manager. She is a stickler for detail and with her accumulated knowledge of warehouses and delivery systems.


Do you want to know how OrthoSole works?

Check out how in our latest video with the President of OrthoSole UK, Ronnie Irani.

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